Soooo I moved most of my “potted garden” inside because the nights were getting colder and tonight it’s a warm night…. Go figure! I need to start checking the weather predictions….


Ok do it’s that time of year again. I’ve already started several seedlings.
Peas, basil and lettuce.
I’ve already killed the lettuce, most of the basil and 1/4 of the pea plants.
I’ve also grown tomato, bell pepper and zucchini seedlings and just transplanted then into a “Eco friendly transplantable” paper pot. I can’t tell which is which as I didn’t label and I’m not sure if they will make it as now they are all droopy… Sigh…. I suck at gardening but every yr I try….. Perhaps I should seriously study it but that’s like following a recipe…. Boring! Experimenting is way more fun…. Unfortunately more costly as well and sometimes with unsuccessful result…
I also bought a blueberry bush… Again….(did that and killed that last yr)
I bought a mature strawberry plant
An established chocolate mint plant, cilantro plant and rosemary plant.

Hopefully this yr something will survive my “blue/red/black/yellow/anything but green” thumb antics.

In my reading on plants tonight I found out
Carrot tops and young pea plants are edible and I’ve even looking into gardening using essential oils as pesticides and insect repellents.

I also found that tomato leaves and stems are poisonous and the tonato is in the nightshade family.

Soooo wish me luck…. I’m going to need it…

Update: so yesterday my dumb ass self thought it would be ok to lightly mist the plants with off deep woods insect repellent… Umm yeah…. That’s not ending too well…. Hopefully some of my plants survived my dumb ass ignorant folly….

On another note… Dude what is in the Insect repellent that would annihilate plant life? Is it really safe to be putting on our skin? On our children?