Circumcision complications

Drs say complications are rare. NewsMedia says complications are rare. Families say complications are rare. Consent forms say complications are rare. Medical books and websites say complications are rare.
However, rare complications are pretty scary to the parents and children they affect.
Rare is not rare enough when it is your child.
Infant/child Circumcision is unnecessary surgery on a healthy child. The foreskin is not an issue, disease or defect.































Soggy mamas 2.0

My heart is aching for those children. Click on the link and read the screen shots. Many babies are bleeding heavily and getting infections from circumcisions. Mothers are saying how their babies are screaming in pain.
Look at the screen shots. Your heart will break too.








Another boy injured by infant circumcision and another boy dead because of a pain med overdose given for his circumcision






Newborn male circumcision is the most common surgical procedure performed in the U.S. It’s a common misconception that there are tangible health benefits to male circumcision, but the truth is no medical society in the world recommends it. This invasive procedure carries serious health risks, including infection, hemorrhage, surgical mishap, and death, as well many ethical considerations.

Another baby dead. It’s so sad and horrible. He died from a pain med overdose. The pain meds were given to him to help him during his circumcision. Since, there is no medical reason for circumcision this baby would still be alive if he wasn’t circumcised and given pain meds.


Penile amputation

Nov 8th, botched circumcision, partial amputation (August)

“After I went home and I discovered that my son’s penis was not there, I immediately froze, like, oh my God,” Rhodes recalls.

The mother said she couldn’t believe what happened when she took her three-month-old son Ashton to Christ Community Health Center on Broad Avenue for a circumcision in August. She says doctors told her the procedure would take about 20 minutes.

But after a couple hours, Ashton was still in surgery.

“It took them about three hours to do the circumcision and so my baby screamed the whole three hours, like the whole process,” Rhodes said. “Then even when she gave him back to us, he was still screaming.”

Rhodes said the doctor performing the surgery obviously botched the procedure. But when it was over, she says they simply returned her screaming son to her, never telling her about the devastating mistake that had happened in the operating room.

“I should have been notified that something went wrong in this room with your baby,” she said. “I wasn’t notified. They gave me back my baby like nothing was wrong. They said, ‘here go your son.’ Yeah, something went wrong in that room.”

It’s something Rhodes said she didn’t find out about until she went home with a still screaming son, and a diaper filled with blood.

She said her curious sister finally discovered Ashton’s mutilated penis.

“When my sister pulled the cloth back, it was covered in blood and it was no penis there,” Rhodes said.

All that was left was a partial penis and his tiny testicles. Rhodes said Ashton urinates through a hole in his penis. She says she can’t imagine what she’ll say to her son, when he’s old enough to understand what happened to him.

“Like, ‘Momma like, how could this happen to me? How could this happen to me?,'” she said. “How could you explain that to your child that you don’t have a penis that they have to reconstruct one or you probably have might not never be able to have kids? That don’t sit well with me at all.”

Rhodes has hired an attorney and is pursuing a medical malpractice suit against Christ Community Health Centers.

As for little Ashton, a reconstructive surgery planned for October has been rescheduled for early next year.

FOX13 News contacted Christ Community Health Centers for a comment. We’re told the CEO is aware of our request, but so far has not returned our repeated calls.


“Shelby Co. commissioner seeks answers in botched circumcision case
By Nicole Harris

Updated: 02/06/2014 5:15 pm CST


WMC-TV) – A mother is finally getting closer to answers after her son’s botched circumcision last August. “We want to make sure that they have a plan in place to make sure this does not happen ever again to another child. This was a horrible thing,’ said Shelby County Commissioner Henri Brooks. Brooks wants answers about how Christ Community Health Services allegedly botched the circumcision of three-month-old Ashton Rhodes. Back in November, Maggie Rhodes told Action News 5 that she took her son to the clinic for a circumcision in August. She felt something was wrong because she could hear her son’s cries through the closed door. “When he was in the room, he was screaming like life and death; like there wasn’t no tomorrow,” said Rhodes. Commissioner Brooks says Rhodes, one of her constituents, contacted her. Brooks set up a meeting with commission Chairman James Harvey in his office. “We have invited Christ Community Center representatives, as well as asked them to bring documents that will include certification of the credentials for staff also the health care professionals involved in this procedure,” said Brooks. Christ Community Health Services, who has a health care contract with Shelby County, declined the invite for the meeting on Thursday. Brooks says she was traumatized when she found out about Ashton’s situation. “It was a baby. Can you imagine the pain a baby having to go through that kind of pain?” Christ Community did not respond to Action News 5’s request for comment about the meeting, but the first person who answered the phone cited HIPAA laws.

A different baby needing CPR after circumcision





Penile amputation

Approached a distant family relation….

Ack! I did it. I wrote a distant family relation who is pregnant with a boy, about not circumcising. I know her brothers are because the oldest boy couldn’t retract as a toddler and was cut and so the younger brother was as well when he was born yrs later. (Totally bogus reason given by the dr and accepted as valid by the parent, unfortunately)
She is of Hispanic descent and so is her husband. I can only assumed he is whole as he was born in another country.
The mother said she’d read the info as she had no clue what to decide.
I hope I save this child.


Here is what I wrote:

“Hey lady, how are you? Congrats on being preggo with a baby boy!
I know I’m about to give advice that is not being asked for but it is something I feel strongly about so I’m sharing the info. I know in C/S America and in Hispanic culture in general it customary to not circumcise. (Which I totally agree with)…. But I also know that American culture is saturated with the “cut the penis” mentality.
I’m sending you information on the proper care of the uncut newborn male body and information against circumcision (aka cutting the baby)

Please don’t think I’m crazy… I’m just being protective.
Here are some links

If you need anymore information I can give you more. I can even get science links and pediatric associations against newborn circumcision from other countries…

Some legal language. Interesting if you can get through it! 😊

And last I’ll bother you with. I didn’t circumcise my boys because their daddy is whole and not cut but it wasn’t until I read this article below that I did any research and became very very very very against circumcision.

My response piercing and circumcision

Excerpt from post:

Jews do it for religious reasons. I believe Muslims do too, but I don’t know for certain. I still think it’s an unnecessary bit of surgery and all surgery carries risk, but these mothers don’t seem to mind about that, but piercing ears they all want laws passed so babies can’t have it done. The dichotomy between the two amazes me, especially when pointed out to them, they still don’t see it.

So if I am blessed with a son, he will have a bris and will be circumcized. And I’m eagerly awaiting for the day when my husband thinks my daughter is old enough to have her ears pierced.

Now what do you think–are either of these barbaric or is it just a personal choice?

My response:

I dislike both procedures for babies.
Ear piercing should be done by a professional piercer, not a Claire’s employee with a piercing gun…. The child should be able to communicate a desire for the piercing and be at an appropriate age to understand the pain and necessary after care.

I do think circumcision of infants and minors without medical need is barbaric and cruel. Forced circumcisions of male and female minors happens around the world in various cultures and is unethical. Yes, the elders may be carrying out their cultural traditions but that doesn’t mean that the tradition is humane, ethical and not ritual abuse.
Even in medical infant circumcisions proper pain relief for pre/during/post surgical procedure may not be effectively administered because the child is so small the amount of pain relief given is minimal for safety reasons.

Boys and girls can be damaged sexually for life if a circumcision if done wrong or becomes infected.
The child should be able to choose, when the child is mature enough to understand the consequences of circumcision and the aftercare necessary. If the circumcision is of a religious nature the child needs to know what it is for and accept the responsibility of the faith.

(Please excuse typos)


(To anyone reading this I am not linking the original article for you to reply to the article. Please, never leave mean messages to anyone. Period)

Other links:

Jews against circumcision

Beyond the bris

Jewish circumcision resource center

Muslims against circumcision: fb page

Quarinic path

The American Muslim

Christians against circumcision: fb page of peaceful parenting

Christian answers

Catholics against circumcision

Nurses for the rights of the child

Doctors opposing circumcision

Joseph4gi: codifying medical fraud

I somehow deleted my original posting of joseph4gi’s article

How do you justify the forced genital mutilation of minors?

Invent pathological conditions that make it indispensable.
Link anatomically correct male organs to the proliferation of disease.


Perhaps the best example of this is none other than female circumcision; a federal law makes the forced cutting of girls of any kind, and at any age, a punishable offense, and there are no exemptions for “religious” female genital cutting, or cultures where female genital cutting is practiced.


For over a century, circumcision “researchers” can be seen trying to link circumcision with the prevention of feared diseases; there is no shortage of “studies” that say that circumcision prevents this or that, all written by “researchers” who promote its universal adaption. They can also be seen trying to pathologize the presence of anatomically correct male genitalia, and the many stages of its development, setting arbitrary ages by which the foreskin should be “retractable for cleaning.”

While there will never be enough “research” to justify the forced circumcision of girls, it seems circumcision advocates have made the covert contract with themselves, that the forced circumcision of boys will one day be justified, even made compulsory, if only they could come up with the right amount of “studies” that say circumcision prevents disease. We see them trying very hard today, promoting “mass circumcision” in Africa, in the so-called name of AIDS prevention.


WHO Codifies False Conditions Into Existence
The World Health Organization (WHO) has just released their new 2013 ICD-10 codes, which are scheduled to go into effect in October 2014. ICD, which stands for “International Classification of Diseases”, is the global system for reporting morbidity and mortality statistics, for billing, and for health care automated decision support.

The new codes for conditions of the foreskin include a prominent (first on the list) billable code, for a condition whoever wrote these codes want to call “adherent prepuce in the newborn.” If these codes go into effect, it means that doctors and hospitals will be able to claim “adherent prepuce” as a valid medical diagnosis in neonates (valid in the sense that a billable code exists in the WHO ICD system, not that it is an actual medical condition necessitating surgical correction), and be able to legally charge to “correct” it, thereby possibly justifying routine infant circumcision.

The new proposed codes under classification N47, “Disorders of the Prepuce,” can be seen here. (To view, click on the hyperlink for “9 codes” in the second bullet point to read the full list of nine, beginning with N47.0 – Adherent Prepuce, Newborn.)

Without medical or clinical indication, doctors have no business performing surgery on healthy, non-consenting newborns, let alone asking parents to make any kind of “decision.” However, if these codes, which the US Centers for Medicaid and Medicare use, go into effect, doctors will have a code available to justify routine infant circumcision, starting next year unless the new code is rescinded. A whole new ICD-11 code system is slated to be introduced for 2015.

click this link for the entire article





Tail docking, Sounds like a circ argument…

This link here are people actually discussing the comparisons circumcision and tail docking

My 6 year old has been watching “too cute” which is a tv show about puppies and kittens. He asked why some dogs have no tails. I said some are born with them short and some are cut off.
This caused me to look for info and I can across this forum. I’m heart sick…

Sounds like the circumcision argument but about dog tail and ear cropping.

It is not painless, but it is not the huge deal that people make of it either. Tails and dewclaws are done by 5 days of age – if later, they have to be done by a vet with pain meds. Puppies are born with an incomplete nervous system – docking of tails and dews IS felt, but as soon as the puppy is returned to the whelping box, they are totally over it. Part of their issue is the fact that they are being restrained on their back and they really don’t like that.

Honestly, i am not exaggerating one single bit, but Ziva didnt seem to feel as much discomfort after her ears were cropped and posted than she did when she was spayed. That’s the truth. Maybe she was in a small percentage of pups that didn’t have any adverse reaction, I dont know. She didn’t have to wear a cone, because she didnt bother her ears. She played and ran and jumped and acted as if nothing at all had been done to her ears. When she was spayed, though, she layed around for almost two days, looking as pathetic as possible and walked in a way that I knew she was uncomfortable….she took pain meds for two days immediately after her spay surgery. No pain meds were needed after her ear crop. Yes, like mentioned already, tails and dewclaws are cut when the puppy is 3 – 5 days old (my vet prefers 3 days) before the nerve endings have completely developed in those areas. It’s quick and they heal fast, and momma dobe takes such good care of the babies, they forget about their little procedures almost immediately upon returning to their mother.

As Fitzmar said, being restrained is far more upsetting to little pups about to be docked than anything else. When I’ve had litters docked, it was noteworthy that very few of the puppies ever reacted at all at the actual moment of docking.

I’d never say that cropping was pain free, but I’ve never seen it slow a puppy down for a red hot minute, either. They’re back playing and being puppies almost as soon as you bring them home from the vet the day they get it done.

In this day and age, cropping is done for primarily cosmetic reasons, and I feel no need to justify that to anyone. It’s a decision that should be left to me and my vet.

I’m not interested in owning anything but a cropped/docked doberman.

Most surgeries are not pain free – but in young puppies, the pain is gone quickly and they forget quickly….. just as a baby boy does not remember being circumsized.

I’ve cropped two litters and seen them right after cropping – they are running around like a herd of shriners playing and eating within hours of being cropped. Getting used to the cup on their head takes about one day and then they pretty much ignore it. I use BFI powder for the edges of the ears – helps with itching and dries them up quickly.

It really amazes me that so many people make such a big deal about cropping and docking when they apparently think nothing of all the cosmetic enhancements the people all around them do…. tatoos, body piericing, nose jobs, boob jobs, etc, etc….. Done correctly, it is really not a big deal to the dog.

This is my last litter within a couple of days of being cropped:

A lot of the people who spout off about cropping and docking are totally clueless about the whole procedure.

It is not painless, but it is not the huge deal that people make of it either. Tails and dewclaws are done by 5 days of age – if later, they have to be done by a vet with pain meds. Puppies are born with an incomplete nervous system – docking of tails and dews IS felt, but as soon as the puppy is returned to the whelping box, they are totally over it. Part of their issue is the fact that they are being restrained on their back and they really don’t like that.

I am pretty neutral on this topic. Meaning, I don’t really care either way, and would never base any of my decisions around whether or not a dog was cropped/docked. If it is done properly, at the right age, it is so NOT cruel. I think most people don’t understand what’s involved, they just imagine someone taking a pair of scissors to a dogs tail. But the reason why it is done at 2-3 days old is because it is all soft, and it’s done before it hardens. Ears as well, are done at a young age, before the cartilage stiffens, so it’s a pretty minor procedure.

I guess what I’m saying is that tail docking and ear cropping are most important for working dogs. However, there are benefits to cropping/docking even our pets and that it’s not purely cosmetic. Also, the dog was envisioned at creation as being a dog with a bob tail and docked ears, that’s what the standard has called for for a hundred years. Therefore, if we want to have our dobes cropped or docked, people should leave us alone and let us do it.

oh I’m sick…. Heart sick even my 6 year old said it was cruel. He said “but it’s only a puppy, why?”





this link leaves me with a sick feeling. again I hear the pro-circumcision arguments in these statements about tail and ear docking..

I hope this isn’t a hot topic here. I really couldn’t care either way…. though a nubby is damn cute. I often wonder if these people shouting animal cruelty for cosmetic purposes, circumcise their human male kids.


Excellent true story about a mom who went from pro-circumcision to anti-circumcision

Click the link below.
It is about a mother who learned the truth about the harms of circumcision after having her first son cut and who chose to leave her second son whole/intact/uncircumcised.


Care for baby boy and child

Caring for your uncircumcised boy is easy: Do NOT pull back the foreskin. Simply wash the outside ONLY

We do not douche girls! You do not need to clean underneath the foreskin on boys. Too much cleaning of genitals for either sex messes with the body’s natural balance causing issues that never need be.

A teen or adult man should pull back the foreskin, rinse and replace.
Just as a woman should wash her labial folds but NOT stick soap up her vaginal canal. (Ouch)

How do I teach my son to wash his penis?
There is no need to clean inside the foreskin in young boys. Just wash the penis the same as any other part of your son’s body and be careful to wash off any soap. When a boy is old enough to bathe himself, he can wash his own penis.
Once your son can retract (pull back) his foreskin, you can talk to him about retracting his foreskin and washing. A simple explanation of “how to” may be helpful:
gently slip your foreskin back
rinse the head of your penis and the inside fold of your foreskin with warm water
slip your foreskin back in place over the head of the penis
Tell him to make sure he rinses off any soap before pulling the foreskin back over the head of the penis.
Back to top ↑
What happens if someone retracts (pulls back) my son’s foreskin too early?
Forcing the foreskin back before the natural separation of the foreskin from the glans has occurred causes tearing of the connective tissue. This is painful and can lead to problems:
tearing the foreskin from the head of the penis leaves an open wound which can lead to infection
the raw surfaces touching each other can heal together and form adhesions (areas that stick together) between the foreskin and the head of the penis leading to permanent problems with retraction (pulling back)
small tears in the opening of the foreskin can heal to form non-elastic (non-stretchable) scar tissue, possibly causing acquired narrowing (phimosis)
the foreskin can get “stuck” behind the head of the penis (paraphimosis)
– See more at:

Fully informed about circumcision?


I don’t think you can be fully informed about circumcision and its “possible, maybe, for some” pros and it’s very real cons.
I do think you can be fully informed about the purpose of the foreskin and its function in infancy and in adulthood.

If you take circumcision of infants or the act of cutting infant/child genitals out of their entrenched cultures and erased the cultural prejudices most people would be horrified at what circumcision entails.

With all that said. I post the question from opinionated moms and my answer. The analogies I use are not a 100% correlation…. But I’m sure you’ll get the point”20130409-082032.jpg20130409-082040.jpg






Babies hurting….. Poor babies






My heart breaks… These moms mean well but they are so mistaken. Poor babies.

The original poster in the previous discussion forum screen shots wrote this:




Bleeding out/ hemorrhaging

Is circumcision just a routine harmless procedure?









Before and after images:



So freaking sad that this happens and that the statistics on infant injury or death due to circumcision are not accurately reported.


Oh crap!

Please prayer for this little boy!!!!!!

I really should have stayed off of fb today. My heart aches for this family.





Oh God, the baby died. Please pray for this family in their time of grief and heartache.

“God, bring comfort and peace. Peace is your essence. Peace is your name. Bring peace to this family who has lost their precious child in death.
We come to you, God because we know that you sorrow, and are acquainted with grief. You too have endured the loss of a child. You empathize.
We can’t help but ask, “Why?” Forgive our insistence, our confusion, even our anger. We believe that you are just, and we ache to understand how this tragic death is an expression of that justice, how it expresses your love. We also know – in our minds at least – that you seldom answer the “why?” question. We press you, but on these matters you are mostly silent.
What we ask instead is “how?” How can we move forward? How can this bring us together and not tear us apart? How can we now live under the shadow of this untimely death? Answer this prayer with your comfort and guidance.
There is no way to remove the pain. The grief is real. The only sanity is to know, to believe, in a life beyond with you, when all the scales are righted and the sufferings are made good. We trust you and your promise that while this child’s life on earth is done, his life beyond has just begun. With that release we lose him and let him go into your arms, then by faith receive in return the boundless comfort of your presence. That is all, that is enough. In Jesus.”

Read more:

20130313-093129.jpg circumcision

(I did not write any of this. Click link for full article)

One parenting hot button that I don’t often share my feelings about is circumcision. Why? Because it is ultimately up to the parents to decide, unless it becomes banned, like female genital cutting in Germany and other nations. Though many disagree with the statement that it is up to the parents, asserting that it is really up to the baby but since they cannot vocalize their opinion on the matter for a few more years, parents do what they want. If we disagree, well, I will feel sadness for the boy but what can I do after the fact? Refuse to speak to the parents? I don’t think that’s fair.


But wait. Why should I care about circumcision when I don’t have a son after all, just two daughters? Because genital mutilation is an international human rights issue and stories of babies who die from the procedure or little girls or wives who were cut make me incredibly sad. Because female genital mutilation was only just banned in the US in 1996. I could have been cut if my parents desired it. Because it affects my husband and he is passionate about how terribly wrong circumcision is.


Out of 100 circumcised boys, 100 will bleed. 100 will have been mutilated against their will.100 will question the validity as adults or at least think about it and decide if they will continue the tradition or break it when they have their own son.

Out of 100 circumcised boys, how many will die?

When will this stop?


Have you seen the difference between an intact and a cut penis? On an infant?

I’ve never seen a side by side comparison of infants. Or adults, for that matter. Judging by the photos below, foreskin looks so natural on the boy on the left and the circumcision on the boy on the left looks so painful. Why cut them??


below is a link to pictures of a circumcision…. Look at it and realize this torture is happening to a child