Breast feeding pictures

Sooo remember a long while back in this blog I said I was Intent on weaning… My youngest was 2 at the time… He is 3 yrs + 1 month and instill not completely weaned off nursing. His greatest comfort seems to be nursing.
I tried, I did but when I am tired I just didn’t want to force the issue. I mean it’s not really much of an issue. I just feel the pressure or the expectations of my family and friends to wean completely.
I personally don’t like nursing my 3 yr old but he still likes to. He only nurses at bedtime and in the morning when I want to stay in bed… He gets off when I tell him no more…
FYI it is a lot easier to wean a 1 yr old than it is to wean a 3 yr old….
However, the extended nursing has changed my parenting and made me realist how young 3 still is.

FYI: bottle feeding or breast feeding in public are not things to be hidden away from society or from watching children.

Most of These pictures were taken from the Guggie Daly, fb page.




Night weaning…. Again

So my hubby is off work for the summer so we are going to attempt bedtime weaning off of the boobie for my 27 month old..,, again and hopefully by the summer’s end be done with breastfeeding all together. I’m cooked and tired of breastfeeding. I’ve no patience for it anymore. I’ve done it for 8 months with my first plus 27 months with my second.


We have a house

Well we have a house at our new HOME away from home for the next 3 yrs. It is 3 bed and 2 bath. Hopefully, we will adjust easily to the new setting and we won’t try to kill each other.

Other than that, I may have found a home for the hermit crabs. My hubby doesn’t want to take them with us. Actually makes me sad to contemplate giving them up.

Yesterday was my birthday. I’m now 30 yrs old. I pigged out on doughnuts, sushi and Lobster bisque. It was a great birthday.

Come June I am cold turkey weaning the youngest from the boob. Wish me luck.

The end

Weaning Teas

Well I’m seriously considering weaning my 2 yr old completely from the breast. In early March my hubby and I will be visit tennessee for 4 days. During that time I know my breasts will be totally engorged so I’ll need to bring my pump and I want to bring some teas with me. In my research ice read that sage, mint and parsley can help dry up your milk. I figure 4 days with no nursing and the teas should make me pretty dry.
The only problems are 1) my youngest’s is really booby attached and 2) I don’t know if I’m ready.

I don’t know if I want to weaning completely and force the issue or let him wean naturally when he is ready. I don’t know if by weaning if he will sleep better or worse at night.
I just don’t know.

Night Weaning

Oh boy, I’m through! Through! through! through! well at
least I’m trying to be. For the passed 2 weeks or so my youngest,
aged 23 months, [who still nurses] has either not wanted to nurse
to sleep [still wants boobie just doesn’t fall asleep at bedtime
like usual] or wakes up several times a night, nurses but doesn’t
go back to sleep, like he used to. So I’m instituting our night
weaning. I don’t care if he nurses during the day or even at
bedtime, but we are stopping the midnight/early morning [read 3am]
nursings. 2 nights ago he woke up 2 times, once at 11pm and the
next time at 3:30am. I put my glasses on, grabbed my life-jacket
[aka: iphone], sat inthe rocking chair by his bed and held his hand
if he needed me. If he sat up, I’d peer over my glasses and bark
“lay down” at him. He’d whine “no” but he’d lay down. Eventually,
after2 reading facebook, and the news or watching movies on
my iphone with subtitles a Last night he slept until 6:30am. Around
7am I gave in and gave him boobie because well he was up for the
day and wasn’t going back to sleep.